We are excited to share an outstanding piece of news with all of you: the Spanish National Basketball Team is currently preparing for the Pre-Olympic tournament at Leiro Residences, Higuerón Resort, intensely training at The Embassy, which will determine their participation in this summer’s Olympics.

The players are making the most of The Embassy’s facilities, known for their excellence and ability to meet the needs of elite athletes. This high-performance space provides the perfect environment for our athletes to focus and prepare to face the challenges that await them on the court.

selección española basket at Higuerón

The community of Leiro Residences in Higuerón and all basketball fans are deeply proud to have the national team training in our area.

We wish the Spanish National Basketball Team all the success in their preparation, and we are confident that their effort and dedication will be reflected in the Pre-Olympic tournament and, hopefully, in this summer’s Olympics.

Let’s go Team! Go for it!