Sollo, the Michelin-starred restaurant led by the renowned chef Diego Gallegos, offers a unique culinary experience in the heart of Leiro Residences. This establishment is not only a landmark for gastronomy lovers but also a standout example of sustainability and innovation thanks to its exclusive aquaponic system.

Sollo: Sustainable Gastronomy

At Sollo Restaurant, sustainability is intertwined with high-end gastronomy. The more than 12,000-liter aquaponic system allows for a seamless integration between fish farming and vegetable cultivation in a closed and controlled cycle. This method significantly reduces the need for fresh water and ensures a constant supply of fresh, high-quality ingredients directly to Gallegos’s kitchen.

Sollo’s commitment to aquaponics not only reflects an environmental commitment but also allows Chef Diego Gallegos to have meticulous control over the species, sizes, and quality of the products he uses. Depending on the season, the restaurant adjusts its menu to offer the freshest and most delicious dishes, highlighting the natural flavors and supreme quality of each ingredient.

Sollo’s aquaponic system is a clear example of how technological innovation can coexist harmoniously with elite cuisine, offering guests a culinary experience that is both memorable and responsible.

Gastronomy of the Future

Visiting Sollo Restaurant is much more than enjoying a meal; it is participating in a vision of the future where exceptional gastronomy and care for the planet go hand in hand. This restaurant not only offers an exceptional gastronomic experience but also educates and inspires its diners about the possibilities of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cuisine.

Leiro Residences by Higuerón Resort: Luxury and Comfort

Leiro Residences, situated within the Higuerón Resort complex, stands as the ideal accommodation for those who wish to experience the culinary excellence of Sollo Restaurant without sacrificing comfort and exclusivity. Offering a selection of villas, luxury apartments, and suites, Leiro Residences guarantees an unforgettable stay in a unique setting. Each accommodation option is designed with the utmost attention to detail, providing a space for rest and privacy where luxury and comfort come together to create a perfect ambiance. Whether for a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or an extended stay, Leiro Residences is the new premium space of Higuerón that adapts to all needs, always ensuring the highest level of service and satisfaction that the brand consistently provides to its guests.